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They also integrated this theme with Off-Canvas Mobile Menus, which is a very useful feature for the screens of mobile devices, because of its limited space resource.

They also integrated this theme with Off-Canvas Mobile Menus, which is a very useful feature for the screens of mobile devices, because of its limited space resource. Thankfully, this theme is fully responsive, and your content can be viewed by everyone, including those that are using mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones. Crocal has a responsive layout to make sure your website works seamlessly across all devices (web browsers, too!). Same goes for web browsers, as NewsTimes works in any circumstance, and is compatible with most popular browsers. NewsTimes also includes a unique custom slider and some very sleek transition effects for your animations. Be sure to do your research before selecting a gallery or slider plugin. While the learning curve for using this plugin effectively can be steep, the pay-off in performance is worth the efforts. Whatever you choose, Cloudflare delivers great performance. Portfolio designs as simple as possible, in order to maximize its performance and speed. You get preset Google Fonts, a personal font uploader, unlimited colors, and even single portfolio pages.

  • JPEGs are great for large photos but lack support for transparency
  • Get yourself a good web host
  • Your website’s name (e.g. CorpThemes)
  • $47,300 (79)
  • Turn off Pingbacks/TrackBacks and Delete Old Post Revisions
  • Temporary (1)
  • Transferring files and images
  • Server time

It also features the extension of a few default settings: row fancy edges, colors, animations, row backgrounds, and so on. With features customizable colors, skins, backgrounds and typography. Pages to provide different services are also completely customizable. Besides, each sample is also entirely customizable for you to tailor it to your needs precisely. Thankfully, the developers have included a demo version of their product, allowing customers to sample before deciding to purchase. Deciding on 2 sub-topics for blog content and a 3rd for a lead magnet and publishing is 100x more effective than trying to write 10 posts at once. If you wish to learn more about this amazing theme, be sure to view the theme overview video explanation. The developers claim that this is the fastest WordPress theme, and that is not entirely unfounded. The developers intended this theme to accommodate all web pages, regardless of their field of activity.

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SumAll is a tool that collects real-time data about your paid, owned, and earned activity. This tool helps you determine which keywords or keyword phrases your target market searches for to find your type of business. This will help you to drive more traffic from social media sites and it helps to improve your search engine ranking. However, it is the design on a website that attracts or diverts online traffic to it. When you optimise a site you are aiming for the search engines to show your website on the first page of their search results. When you start a website, one of the most important components of making it visible to search engines is making it search engine optimized. When I do start to get the confirmation emails that my article has been accepted I should also bookmark all those article URLs. With loads of ready-to-use demos, you can start your online journaling journey sooner rather than later.

With its live customizer everything can be arranged in real time! We can test the loading time of the theme demo page and we’ll quickly see, if the theme is optimized for speed. It should be mentioned that it is also optimized for AdSense, granting the client a greater degree of readability, and access to some informative page reviews. If those reviews are positive, other interested client will be assured of the quality product. The reviews will provide you with valuable user feedback, while the MegaMenu lets you create an impressive drop down lists, filled with menu options. They placed every element of the user interface to where it needs to be. The developers thought out every single element in this theme, designed to maximize your chances of reaching online fame. They designed the framework in a way that can maximize your sites chances of being successful. Setting up WordPress sites is easy, properly optimizing them for SEO isn’t.

So, it will be wiser to compress the size of the images you’re using in your WordPress website. Images are one of the most common bandwidth hogs on the web. With this plugin, you can deliver small sized images via configuring a few handy settings in the Image tab. Unlike any of the options above, Big Folio offers a “small folio” add-on for people who are browsing with an iPhone or iPod touch. KnownHost offers an ideal balance of speed, price and ease of use, and has worked great hosting. This provides a great audio visual platform where interaction among the students and teachers provides a great learning experience for the students. Amax will include the adaptable Visual Composer plugin, in addition to 15 new content elements that can enhance any user’s browsing experience. Meta keywords can emphasize a particular word or phrase in the main body of your text.

You can navigate all of the offered options without being an experienced programmer. It includes several layouts for your site’s home page, and an innovative admin panel which presents plenty of options for customization. There are four pagination configurations, along with limitless side bars and a plethora of options for your side bars. There are multiple ways you can do this. Most of the operations that are required for the setup process can be completed by using a single click. 2 – TITLES: When creating your blog posts, make sure that you put the keyword that you are using for your post in the title. We have done this many times and thankfully the post action almost always matches the class, name of the plugin, etc. So with some connecting the dots you can quickly diagnose what is causing it. How do I make a new post? And over the years we discovered a number of WordPress plugins that will make WordPress website page speed optimization easier, if not necessarily a breeze.